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August 17th, 2008

12:42 am - Hah
I was almost forgetting this place.. or no.. i wasnt, but i didnt know what to do.. i like to write, but it almost always gets to no-where.

therefore, i was reading on one of my friends blogs (http://hairdoll.blogspot.com/), and i found a lyric i liked so much, i just want to make a post here. for the lyric :)

What would you say if I asked of you
- out of loneliness, out of loneliness
What would you say if I asked of you
- out of loneliness, out of loneliness
Could I be with you
Can I be with you

It’s warm inside the night club
Your face is lit up by a disco light
I don’t want to go home alone, not tonight
I have a picture of a man who used to sit in that chair
I will go anywhere
Just as long as I’m with someone
You will do, just take me home for tea

If I told you my stories and sang you my songs
Would you laugh at me
Would you pity me
What would you say if I asked of you
Not out of accident, out of loneliness
Would you shelter me
Will you shelter me

I will be gone when you wake up
No awkward breakfasts, I swear
And don’t you look for me, because I could be anywhere
In someone else’s house
In someone else’s arms
With someone else to warm the pain away

What can I ask of you
What would you want from me
What would you say if I just fell asleep

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November 15th, 2007

10:03 am
nananananananananannan, BATMAAAAN!

okei, I'm bored. wee, and I got to much to do. And when it is comes to this point, I'm starting on something completely different.. Like (uugh, after that bloody girl in the english clas, im starting to hate that word).. Daft hands! =D weee, aaand, world of warcraft (surprise -.-'), gamecube,  comics, aliens loves predator, daft hands again! eating icecream.. looking forwards to december. i dont like that extreme ugly bugly you-have-to-buy-everything-you-see-if-not-youre-not-celebrating-perfect-shit! no, im looking forwards to relax, eating gingerbread, fix the presents that i WANT to give, personally ^^ sleep long <3 watching "tre nøtter til askepott"! play in the snow, to not have ANY kind of homework to do ^^ weee!
now, if i only find a place to celebrate new year, then everythings gonna be pretty good. (oh well, i have to be with my family in the whole christmas eve, but.. i dont like it, church and all that stupid stuff.. anyway, only once a year)

uugh, have to do school.. dont wanna.. have to.. uuuh! exiting forum-topic =P *gone*
Current Mood: blankblank

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September 23rd, 2007

02:49 pm
Hmm, I want to do something.. Like, coloure my hair in a wierd colour, get a new hairstyle.. dreads, hawk etc.. something! maybe a new piercing? not another in the ear.. gargH! i dont know xD hmm, well. im gonna do something when im 18 (117 days left now).. what? I have no clue.. It is stupid, but, I got 117 days to find it out :P

oh well.. today its a bit better than the rest of the week. or, at least i got to install some programs and shit.
Current Mood: confusedconfused

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September 20th, 2007

09:49 pm - WÆÆÆ!
Ok, ja, nå skriver jeg på norsk. Jeg sitter fast. Jeg er sliten. Jeg er totalt utslitt faktisk. Frustrert.

Skole? Jaha, ja, her har de prakka ned med masse lekser, noe som ikke er så overraskende, og jeg pleier vanligvis å finne meg ut av det, men akkurat nå står jeg helt fast. En diger innlevering puster og peser meg i nakken, og jeg klarer ikke å konsentrere meg, uansett! Bruker en evighet på å gjøre den minste ting, og alt går i sneglefart, jeg blir fortvila på meg selv, ettersom jeg føler meg så misslykka i arbeidsstruktur og hvaj eg ikke får til.. Og alt anna som bare hopes på i mengder, jeg klarer ikke å starte, så blir jeg enda mer frustert, både på meg selv og på skolen. Så trenger jeg en avkobling, så får jeg kjeft for at jeg ikke jobber. Blir sur fordi jeg får kjeft. Tilbake til bare sliten igjen.

Miljø? Joda, folk er hyggelige, det er ikke det. Men den siste uka har vært noe vel slitsom. Kjempegod venn, som jeg har kjent siden jeg var bitteliten vil så vidt se på meg, ikke fordi han er sur på meg, men fordi jeg ikke er like spennende som alle de nye vennene hans. Eller, jeg vet ikke. Men tilsidesatt og bare i veien er det jeg føler meg. Også har man da folk man ikke klarer å plassere om hva de synes om det akkurat nå. De hopper mellom *skule på - liker deg ikke - er jævla sur på deg og du er en irriterende dritt* til *kjempeglad i - vil klenge på*... JA! Det er slitsomt... Også har man da at man føler seg veldig i veien. Alle forventer masse av meg, men så skal jeg ikke synes, så får man kjeft fordi jeg er borte... Gargh!

Hjemme? Fattern er mongo som vanlig, går fra skremmende glad til dritsur i en evig berg- og dalbane. Muttern er også litt slik. Vet aldri hvor jeg har dem. Mye styr og kjefting. Sliten.

Meg selv? Hakker på meg selv hele tida over hvor dårlig jeg er på.. alt. For alt går jo galt, og jeg føler at jeg gjør ingenting. Bare sitter og tar feil beslutninger, eller bare generelt, feil. Når jeg da først prøver å starte på en ting, og ser hvor dårlig jeg gjør det, ser hvor bra alle andre gjør det - føler seg utenfor, men det er din egen feil. Også mister jeg all lyst på å gjøre noe som helst, ettersom jeg suger i det, og bare blir enda mer lei av meg selv. sliten
Current Mood: sadsad

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September 14th, 2007

08:41 pm - to links for you =)
the first is a good and simple comic called "Cyanide and Happiness" - http://www.explosm.net/comics/15/

the second is just for documentary what I've been saying for a while - http://funnypuddy.com/2007/08/06/the-truth-about-bottled-water/

enjoy xD
Current Mood: geeky

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September 9th, 2007

01:11 am - alien loves predator
mmm, i have read this comic for a while, and I really enjoys it =D

here's a link, I hope you like it too


yup, its the first page, so click on ^^

alien loves predator ftw
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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September 5th, 2007

06:40 pm - big hippos dancing ballet on me
It has been so much going on lately. Just, everything is just banging over me, like big hippos dancing ballet on me. yes, they are heavy. BANG BANG BANG BANG! hmm, where do I begin? Oh well, lets start with that my dad got the message from the doctor that it is something wrong with his heart. Not that it come to me like a big surprise, I was actually just waiting for it because of the way he lives etc. I mean, when you just sit on your fucking ass, drinking like hell, eating fat ugly food all the time, yelling and gets angry at everything + being stressed, you're kinda asking for trouble. And it is in the family. I cant think of any male on my father site that hasn't had any kinds of heart problem, even my brother. OK, anyway, I'm not sorry for him. As I said, I was just waiting for him to get the message. Really, maybe this will make him understand. I don't know, I hope.
And then I got another message that a girl I know has died. She wasn't this big friend or anything, but she died of cancer, 17 years old. That sucks... the whole cancer thingie.. Its so unreal, but again it is breathing at your neck. Im not afraid of death, just the causer of death I'm thinking about. hmm, ill write more later
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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August 17th, 2007

05:37 pm - Gargh!
Hello if there is anyone reading.

Well, this is my first "blog"-thingie.. Hmm, I kinda pissed of. Lately it has happened a lot of stuff. For example that one of my dearest friends are being treated really unfair by the school system. Ugh, when it is ALL their fault, they just push it on her. Yes, isn't wonderful? Oh the joy.
And then we have my father. You see, yesterday his parents (my grandparents yes) was coming to stay with us over the weekend. And then the house needed to be tip-top. So, we washed and cleaned it (that will say, everybody except himself who just sits in his dear chair and yells), the whole house. And guess what he found out? I hadn't been washing UNDER the TV, oh my god! Oh, and I hadn't written a card for my grandma, or fixed the present, which I hadn't heard a word about before he started to yell. Hehe.. It is just so silly that I wanted to laugh, but then I remembered that this is usual life. Oh, this was just from yesterday. A lot happened yesterday, and today I am very tired of it all. Haha, and I wrote a newspaper contribution to a discussion. Some kind of an idiot said that the wolf already was exterminated from the Norwegian nature, and that it doesn't belong here anymore.. I couldn't just let it leave, I had to write back. Hehe, I guess I was extreme angry yesterday, but don't think it's weird :P
Sorry, just had to let it out. Next time it might be a bit happier

Current Mood: angryangry

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